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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the best odd to win a medal for the united states, in the pyeongchang games, if he will defend his national title. a huge weekend of sports. starting here tonight, including, tomorrow on nbc sn. speed skating trials later in the day. and nfl playoffs on the way to super bowl 52. busy weekend. busy month here on nbc. so two nmore national champions crowned. and the championships continue at 4:00 eastern with the pairs preskating. that will be here on nbc. then, at 8:00 eastern. it is the men's free. and nathan chen, on nbc sn. a reminder, you can relive all the action for the u.s. figure skating championships at ice coming up next, your local news. later tonight "the to night show starring jimmy fallon." for terry gannon, tara lipinski, johnny weir, the nbc sports team, i'm mike tiriko saying
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good night. see you tomorrow. >> most dominant in olympic history! >> unbelievable. >> announcer: this has dangerous cold. the worst weather of the season moves in if r your weekend. rude awakening a man thrown
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from his chair after a car runs into his home. >> nbc10 wants you for the fight song challenge. we begin tonight with breaking news. sixers legend dr. j has been hospitalized tonight. keith, what happened? >> within the past hour the six e released a statement saying he fell ill. at tonight's game. this is video of dr. j from earlier ringing the bell before the game against the pistons. the 67 year-old is being evaluated. he is expected to be released after the evaluation. irving was there marking the 35th anniversary of his iconic dunk vs. the lakers. had tweeted today rock the cradle. i threw down the dunk and it's still one of my favorite. once again.
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he went to the hospital tonight after becoming ill at the game. me and my photographer were there. witnesses sa say they saw him being wheeled out in wheelchair. he is expected to be released after he's evaluated. live in the breaking news center. all right. we'll look forward to that update. also tonight from the streets to the river. the ice is everywhere this evening. it is the cold in the air that you node to watch for the most. >> do you know bha negative 20 degrees feels lib? you might after this weekend. >> if you're not careful. going oud could quickly turn dangerous. >> it's negative 27. that that's what it feels like. it's ugly and painful cold through sunday morning. i may actually have to extend it later into sunday now. the cold will be very reluctant to leave.
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windchills 5 to 30 degrees below 0 across the area. it's unfriendly outside. to stay the least. right now in if i feel did he feel it's 11 degrees. windchill is 7 degrees below 0. thanks to the gusty wind at 20 miles per hour. actual air temperatures right now. nine coats ville. ten in blue bell. eleven in philadelphia. 13 at the beaches on the shore. the feels like temperature is the huge story. 25 be low. 7 below in philadelphia. tomorrow will not be a good day to be outside. dress in layer. and the all day chill continues. it feels like minus five at noon. and that goes to the jersey and delaware beaches. i am tracking a major thaw for next week. i'll have more on that. even with all the layers in the world.
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might not be enough to protect you from the dangerous cold. it already claimed a life in the area. >> the risks you need to lookout for. >> in addition to the life threatening temperatures another dangerous element is the falling ice. the city put up this sign and this caution tape. near fifth and market. a place where we see foot traffic. warning people to look up and lookout. in the company of friendly faces in more importantly four walls. he doesn't have to worry about his next meal. he can rest comfortably. so can the other homeless men of the shelter. >> you toent have a choice to go in when ever you want. these places like this are truly a blessing. >> reporter: he knows in the morning the harsh winds and bone chilling temperatures will greet him as soon as he steps outside. >> what gets me most of the time is my fingertips.
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they get cold and they start to hurt. >> about 250 people died while experiencing homelessness in the city last year. many of them from hypothermia. >> reporter: she runs the shelter. which will add extra cots this weekend. doctors say it's not safe to be outside long. no matter how layered you are. >> if you happen to have a little bit of tingling in your hands. you don't want to use hot water. >> reporter: back at the shelter volunteers get ready for a busy weekend. her group wants to expand in open the first pet friendly shelter on the east coast. >> people choose to stay on the street. rather than be separated from their companion. >> also be mindful of where you walk. you see patches of ice along sidewalks in the city. tonight we learned that police discovered a dead body a
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homeless man who died in vine land. investigators discovered his body mind the store yesterday. and say the cold weather likely factored into the death. vine land has over night and daylight shelters open. all right. and make sure you have the nbc10 app for all your weather information. plus look for 20 tips to keep your family, home and pets safe. in this dangerous cold. new at 11 a delivery driver gets into an argument outside of philadelphia restaurant. and ends up getting shot. it happened around 7:00 tonight. in west oak lane. police say the victims lucky because the suspect put the gun right on his stomach. before pulling lt trigger. the driver is in the hospital tonight. so far no arrests. nbc10 has learned new details about a mass exodus from the philadelphia district attorney office. 31 assistant district attorneys left their jobs today after being asked to resign.
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nbc10 drew smith spoke to a few tonight. some are involved in high profile murder cases. what happens to them? >> ones you probably heard of recently. they have no idea what will happen with the cases. and feel sick for murder victims families they have been working with. >> reporter: emotions on display. along with boxes, tv and furniture. 31 people out the door after years arguing cases on behalf of philadelphia. district attorney just took office this week. and in a statement out laid friday afternoon explained in order to go in different direction he promised it's necessary to change key personnel. our request for interview was declined. staff shake ups are not uncommon after elections. but critics worry about the experience that was sent packing this time t. former long time ada spoke with us on video. >> it's beyond comprehension. in terms of the damage he has
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done. >> reporter: the prosecutor working on the murders of two south philadelphia teens is out. our cam ares were at the courthouse last week for a hearing. plus this ousted ada said he had a murder trial set monday. he asked to stay one more week. that won't happen. the office statement says . the new district attorney ran as an outsider and won by a wide margin. his office argues that gave him a clear mandate to take these actions. a follow up now to a terrifying night for a bucks county couple a car came crashing through their door. throwing the husband across the room. nbc10 shows us how they survived this new yores eve scare. >> it was just like oh my gosh. >> reporter: jim and mary are recalling the moment say saw
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each other for the first time. after car came crashing through their home. the car nestled in the living room on gun road. mary just left to go to the kitchen. jim was sitting in his chair new years eve. >> it was like an explosion. i get up off the floor and there's a car in the living room. >> reporter: he went flying across the room. a photograph shows him with 16 staples in his head. he still ran over to the car and tried to rescue the driver. >> i wanted to stop the car from it's going to go through the house. >> reporter: investigatored arrested 23 year-old edward o brian. they believe he over dosed on heroin and lost control of the car. the dog was hit by a car and killed after she ran out into the street. >> that hurts bad. >> we were getting attached to
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her. >> they're concerned with thanking every neighbor and getting barrier in the backyard. it's the second time a driver barrelled through their yard. >> there's no way i can go back and be in my living room and not feel paranoid. >> they say it's a holiday miracle. they're still here to tell the story. thousands of families came out to celebrate the three kings tonight. at the 15th annual. all the children got toys donated by businesses. three kings day marks the end of the christmas season in puerto rico. it celebrates the story of the wise men and the journey to see the newborn baby jesus. are you up for the challenge? eagles fans it's time to show
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off your skills. why you need to give us your best fight song ever. plus the driver admits to being drunk and calls 911. on himself. hear his bizarre exchange with the operator. getting the call. a south jersey firefighter rushes to the scene of a fire and finds his own home in flames. is going to be solved e only way this problem is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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it's a call he'll never forget. a south jersey fire captain
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forced to start over after responding to the fast moving fire which destroyed his own home. when jason and his colleagues got the fire call wednesday afternoon, he never thought he would hear his own address over the radio. but he did. and by the time they arrived the fire was too fierce. the four kids lost everything they own. >> knowing at 38 years old i'm starting over. four kids. a wife. i have nothing. >> the community has been rallying. donating everything they can think of. a new years eve florida man call called 911 to report a driver. the twist is he was the droifr. take a listen.
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>> 39 year-old also told the dispatcher he was driving on the wrong side of the road. the dispatcher asked him to pull over and was eventually able to send police to him. lester was arrested kp charged with dui. >> if you own an apple product there's a security threat that could potentially put you at risk. apple is sounding the alarm about security flaws known as melt down and specker. they allow cyber criminals to tap into the memory on the chip found in billions of iphones, mac and ipad. hackers could access your personal data like user name and pass words. so what can you do to protect yourself? down load the latest software up dad. >> follow up on the uber driver helping the homeless durlg this stretch of dangerous cold. we told her story tuesday night. she is droifing homeless people to shelters for free.
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today uber told nbc10 they saw our story. and were so proud, they also want to make a difference. they donated $500 to two different area homeless shelters in her name. eagles fans still have to wait eight days for the bird first play off game. you can sew your pride right now. >> nbc10 is holding a fight song challenge. nbc10 keith jones shows us how to make your version stand out. >> i no you know the fight song. can you sing it with gusto. what better place to find out than right here. let's see what you got. >> reporter: the city that trusts the process. from the orchestra. to the mummers. not even frostbite could stop them. the sap goes for the birds. even our youngest kids know the song. >> what do you think about the
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eagles? >> great. good season. >> reporter: creativity. big groups, band. choirs. anyone. at halftime. we found one great example. fly eagles fly comes naturally. >> i have been playing the violin nine years. >> how old are you? >> 12. >> reporter: this group needed help. luckily he stepped in. >> you were more than happy to lead. >> absolutely. i bleed green. >> reporter: justth thought of a road to victory got him fired up. >> bring this place -- we'll flip cars. that's how it will be. i know it's illegal. but. >> we could show your rendition on nbc10. your official home of the eagles. post it to twitter on instagram.
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fly eagles fly. and make sure to mention at nbc10 philadelphia. i thought keith was going to end with singing. nope. >> he's saving if for later. >> you can submit your video on >> and the eagles first play off game is january 13. kick off at 4:35. you'll see it only on nbc10. your official eagles station. the fans at that game will be grateful for much warmer temperatures. >> the bitter cold is still here for several days. here with the neighborhood forecast. >> we're real lucky they're not playing here this woekd. temperatures would be in the teens. that would be tough playing conditions. next weekend doesn't look as bad. this is what you need to know on this friday night. we are looking at this dangerous cold. two more tough days of it. lasting through 8:00 a.m. on sunday. dangerous conditions will be out
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there. layer up and take breaks inside. and make sure you're checking on fellow neighbors in this serious cold. then we focus our attention on a monday messy mixture. it's a quick round of snow sleet potentially freezing rain. continuing to track that throughout the weekend. and then the emphasis turns to good nouz. january thaw. this maybe an impressive one. temperatures into the 50s. and maybe not stopping there. we'll wait and see. again this will be a major melt down. rite now we're looking at arctic tundra conditions. friday night you have a good foot and a half of snow on the ground at the jersey shore. this coldest stretch of weather is the coldest we have seen since 1982. the reason why we have strung together 12 straight days at or below 33. that's again the coldest in 35 years. sunday morning going for a forecast low of one below 0.
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if we do that it will be the first time philadelphia has been below 0 since 1994. depressive stats. being that it's early in the winter. feels like seven degrees below in philadelphia. if you don't dress in layers frostbite can set in within ten to about 25 minutes. actual air temperatures now be low 0. eleven above in philadelphia. and we have teens right down to the shore. sing single digits tonight. the feels like nothing to mess with. we have winter weather alerts on this friday night from maine down to florida. where again they're trying to protect the citrus and strawberry crop. as temperatures head below freezing. future feels like temperatures
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will range anywhere between five and 30 below. tomorrow warming up somewhat. 3 below 0 is the windchill in philadelphia. we go right back into the double digits be low 0 in terms of windchill. saturday night and sunday morning. we should start to see a reprieve as we head towards monday. and beyond that. we have just a good weekend to hibernate. or be outside be ready for it. it will hurt. 13 saturday. 22 sunday. with the record low in the morning. and take a look at this. the good stuff. waiting for the end of next week we have to get there. it will be very nice to the feel.
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what a night on the ice. the hay dis u.s. figure skating championshi championships. this determines who will make the olympics. ashly wagners who trains in wilmington finished off the podium in fourth place. >> nbc10 is your home for the olympics. the first night of action is one month away now. coming up february 8th. i no you love watching the skating. >> i'm addicted to it. >> eagles 13th of january. >> how do you prepare for a team when you don't know who the team is? that's what the eagles face this week. the sixers gave up the first basket of the game. that's the only time they trailed all evening. one of the strongest efforts of the season. next.
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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good to see you. sixers hoping to make it four straight tonight. hosting the pistons. joel embiid in the line up. nearly missed the last fwam with a hand injury. and played 35 minutes. sixers off to a blazing start. simmons to embiid. for the two handed flush. sixers up 17 after one. 23 points for embiid.
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second quarter simmons with the turn over. watch his cruise in and rock the rim. a 20 point lead at half. third quarter. simmons the nice drive and another dunk for him. he had 19. sixers led by 40. they cruise. 114-78. we're moving the ball. coach doesn't have to call a lot of plays. we play through the system. that we have in place. and defensively. so we just have to keep learning. >> football. eagles have earned an extra week to prepare for the first play off game since 2014. they don't know who they're preparing for. a first round bye in the play offs. this week is about the birds looking in the mirror and getting me time. >> the bye week is we get a lot of great work in.
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we don't know who we're playing. you try to utilize. fundamental stuff. and having a great high speed practice with pads. watching old film. studying. doing what we can throughout the days and rest. >> that's all for sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back.
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the coldest air in more than 20 years. >> yeah. it's not inviting outside. >> stay inside. it's a hibernating weekend. whchs. if you want to walk out in there
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it's 7 degrees below 0 that's how it feels in philadelphia. dangerous cold through sunday. we make the turn. that turn is a good one. unfortunately it may come at a price. monday a snow sleet ice mix. that could be in coinciding with the evening commute. we'll watch it. 34. and the good stuff tuesday and wednesday thursday. look at the temperatures near 50. may have to raise the temperatures. first good news of the year so far. >> above 50 maybe. >> fingers crossed. >> have a great weekend. thanks for watching. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jerry seinfeld, 13-year-old animal expert robert irwin,


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